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Modernising your Morris Minor

Front Disc Brake Conversion


One of the most popular upgrades for your Morris Minor.  Converting to disc brakes has many benefits over the original drums.  The obvious plus point is the elimination of brake fade when going down hill or from high speed on motorways etc.  Shorter stopping distances and a more controllable feel on the pedal make them a great upgrade for cars in regular use around modern traffic.  As well as the main benefits they are self adjusting, not effected by water/oil/brake fluid, easier to maintain and are much less likely to seize up when left unused for a period of time (a common issue with the cylinders used with drums).

The complete upgrade includes vented discs with matching new calipers,  remote servo for a lighter more modern pedal and a remote fluid reservoir in the engine bay for easy level check/fluid top up. New fittings, wheel hubs, bearings, flexi hoses and a sandwich plate for the servo vacuum (avoids drilling and tapping your manifold) are all included as standard.

Price for supply and fit -  £958.50 +vat

Front Anti Roll Bar


By far the most cost effective handling upgrade available for the Morris Minor.  The anti roll bar stiffens up the front suspension, reducing body roll whilst cornering and gives the steering a much more positive feel.

Supply and fit (rubber bushes) - £139.90 +vat

Supply and fit (poly bushes) - £141.50 +vat

Telescopic Suspension Dampener Conversion


These modern style dampeners offer a vast improvement over the original lever arm units.  You will benefit from a much more stable and predictable ride with a big reduction in bouncing on the suspension resulting in much improved road holding.

Can be used in conjuction with a front anti roll bar and also rear lowering blocks to further improve road holding and stance.

Available with a variety of dampers including KYB or Spax gas filled, oil filled, and Spax adjustable.

Supply and fit front kit - £222.00 +vat (plus £47.00 +vat  for Spax adjustable)

Supply and fit rear kit - £235.00 +vat (plus £47.00 +vat for Spax adjustabe)

Supply and fit rear lowering blocks alongside conversion - £35.00 +vat

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