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Woodwork Fitting Service

As the designated and preferred fitters for our sister business, Woodies,  we work closely alongside them ensuring the fit and finish of your woodwork is as good as possible.  Being located next door means any adjustments or bespoke parts can be easily and professionally done.  

Having restored hundreds of Morris Travellers there will be no surprises or problems we can't solve.


With a standard external wood kit replacement you will receive s fully treated and finished wood set, all new fixing bolts and screws, new roof guttering, new wing piping, new rear door seals and new window runners.  More often than not you will also want the aluminium rear panels re sprayed as this is the only time to do them properly as they can't be removed once the wood is fitted.  Another common addition is and welding once the old wood has been removed. Key areas are the boxing plate extension (behind the wooden foot rail), wheel arch flanges and boot floor.  

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